UNIGLOVES is one of the largest manufacturers of disposable products for the dental, medical, nursing and hospital sectors and for the industry. With production facilities in Asia and sales offices in all continents, we directly serve global retailers. We are the partner of trade; more than 1,000 distributor are supplied directly from us. Our name is behind many of the leading and well-known brands in the dental and medical industry and you will find our products all over the world.
Our goal is to produce and sell the best quality products; we are the world leader in manufacturing the highest quality Offline gloves. Our market share is very high, in Germany is our market share over 40%.
We do not thrive to be the largest manufacturer; our passion is to sell the best products. For 25 years we have been active in this market and have focused exclusively on disposable products.
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UNIGLOVES, your partner of trade
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